Terms of Use 2015-03-16T21:58:27+00:00

This Terms of Use expla­ins the ope­ra­tion prin­ci­ple of the Con­tent Loc­kers on this websi­te.

On this websi­te, you can enco­un­ter the Con­tent Loc­kers which may ask
you to sign in, sub­scri­be, enter your name or per­form other actions to get access to the loc­ked con­tent.

Using your ema­il address

When you enter your ema­il or sign in thro­ugh social networks, you agree to that your
ema­il address will be added to the sub­scrip­tion list for sen­ding tar­get news and spe­cial offers.
You can unsub­scri­be at any time by clic­king on the link at the end of any of ema­ils rece­ived from us. 

Social Apps & Per­mis­sions

When you sign in thro­ugh social networks, the Con­tent Loc­ker may ask you to grant
per­mis­sions to read or per­form some social actions. 

The Con­tent Loc­ker retrie­ves only the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­tion (accor­ding the Pri­va­cy Poli­cy of this websi­te):

  • Per­son name
  • Ema­il address

Con­tent Loc­ker never col­lects other data and never publish any­thing in social networks from your behalf witho­ut your per­mis­sions.
After unloc­king the con­tent the Con­tent Loc­ker remo­ves all the access tokens rece­ived from you and never uses them aga­in.

If the­re are any questions regar­ding this Terms of Use you may con­tact us.